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Hario Double Wall Cafe Press Olive Wood 400ml DGC-40-OV

Rp 1.938.000,00

Hario Drip Stand Cube Black DSC-1TB

Rp 555.000,00

Hario Filters Cold Dripper 50 Pack CF-WDC-6

Rp 100.000,00

Hario Glass Canister Black 1000ml MCN-300B

Rp 205.000,00

Hario Glass Canister Black 800ml MCN-200B

Rp 180.000,00

Hario Glass Canister Red 1000ml MCN-300R

Rp 205.000,00

Hario Glass Canister Red 800ml MCN-200R

Rp 180.000,00

Hario Glass Coffee Dripper & Pot Claire Blue VCG-3512-TC

Rp 530.000,00

Hario Glass Coffee Dripper & Pot Claire Red VCG-3512-CO

Rp 530.000,00

Hario Glass RDM-1824

Rp 285.000,00

Hario Glass Server 450ml GS-45-T

Rp 520.000,00

Hario Glass Server 700ml GS-70-T

Rp 585.000,00

Hario Glass SRM-1824

Rp 285.000,00

Hario Hand Coffee Grinder Standard MCS-1

Rp 700.000,00

Hario Hand Grinder Coffee Mill Column CM-502C

Rp 770.000,00

Hario Harior Bright Tea And Coffee Press 2 Cups THJ-2SV

Rp 625.000,00

Hario Heatproof Decanter 450ml HPDN-2T

Rp 340.000,00

Hario Hot Glass Circle Silver HW-8CSV

Rp 360.000,00

Hario Latte Shaker Off White LS-70-OW

Rp 265.000,00

Hario Milk Frother Brown CZ-1BR

Rp 420.000,00